Been A Long Time..

So a lot of things happened, car accidents, moving, working two jobs for awhile (which I'm not any more thank the gods).

Someone very close to me died just as it seemed like things were only getting better. Everything was painted black. Inside me was painted black. Even now, I can barely see anything around me, but I recorvered enough to come back here, even though this place doesn't have the presence of Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, it's still got a special place in my heart so here is where I'm returning.

I was never very good at posting journals, but then i've rarely been one to put my feelings on display, unless of course, through my stories. I won't promise to post more often or anything like that, because one thing I've reaffirmed this past year and a half is that everything can change in an instant, life happens (usually in such a ferociously fast way that one is left gasping for breath on the shoreline), and getting in the way is one of the things that life is best at. So, no promises, save that I will do my best to ensure that such a long passage of time does not go by without me at least posting a 'still alive' to my journal